Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dal Baht

Dahl Baht is traditional Nepalese food. Some people eat it even three times a day. But it is delicious. I cooked it at home and some people said they understood how they could be vegetarians.

Dal Baht consists of three parts (add all ingredient one by one):
1. Rice. Cook it with 1,5 times more water and some salt. When water boils, reduce heat and cook until it's ready. Never open the lid.
2. Lentil soup. Cook rose lentils in 3 times more water untill they are mashed. Separately add oil to the pan, add grated ginger and garlic, after 2min add onion, add red chilli, turmeric and coriander powder, salt, after 3min add chopped tomato. Cook for 3min. Add everything to the lentils. Heat before serving.
3. Vegetables. Preferably cooked in wok pan, preferebly on open fire. Add oil to the pan, add cinamon stick, maze, cardamom, cloves, add ginger garlic paste, add chopped green chilli, add onions, after 3min add potatoes, add turmeric and coriander cumin powder, salt, add other vegetables.

Put rice into the plate, put lentil soup on the rice so that they are soaked, add vegetables to the plate. I'm addicted to this food.

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